Contract Staffing

Global Power Projects (GPP) is an independent specialist recruitment company in the Power Generation Industry. Each of our Recruitment Consultants has a minimum of ten years’ experience in the industry giving our clients the best possible access to the industry’s leading engineers and management teams – with exceptional reputations in the market.

We spend the time with our clients, to fully understand their project needs and corporate requirements, resulting in our clients receiving the right choice of shortlisted candidates to choose from. With delivery teams based in UK and Australia, Global Power Projects can provide 24 hour delivery and support. Our networks and talent pools are global, so wherever your project is located, GPP can source and deliver candidates from the local or international market place.

Global Power Projects Contract Staffing Solutions supports our clients by:


Reducing their time in the recruitment process

GPP saves our clients’ money by reducing time spent sourcing, researching, screening, reference checking potential engineers for their projects


Flexible workforce and solutions

Whether you need a short term fixed or large multi person manpower increase, GPP can provide the technical specialist need to get the job done


International and Expatriate hire made easy

Through our network of international partners, GPP can manage sponsorship and mobilization of our contractors across Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa


Sourcing rare skill sets

As a power generation specialist, GPP can provide some of the world few and hard to find technical experts to support any technology


Meeting tight hiring deadlines

GPP reduce time to hire by using 24 hour delivery teams and being constantly engaged in the hiring market so when can provide the best candidates in the shortest time